Heidromama Balm is a cannabis infused topical balm which has many ingredients that help support the body’s immune system, inflammatory system and emotional body. Heidromama balm is infused with many of the Earth’s natural magical elements and gifts. Heidromama Balm is always made with good and loving vibrations. Heidromama Balm can be customized to any patients specific needs.


Heidromama offers a cannabis and other earth elements infused tincture for topical and internal use. Heidromama offers two types of tinctures: Alcohol based and Glycerine based. Heidromama Tincture helps to support the body’s natural inflammatory system. Heidromama Tincture can be customized upon patients request.



Heidromama offers naturally sun grown flowers, grown in one of the most beautiful areas in Carmel Valley, California. Heidromama offers a variety of strains for a variety of needs.
Heidromama ‘s flowers are grown with love and compassion for Heidromama’s patients.