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My hope for Heidromama’s balm is to heal and minimize suffering. The balm is to help all ailments, from skin issues to bone and nerve issues. The intent of this balm is to come from the very outside of one’s aura. To begin there and come into their core of their DNA. I would like to personalize each balm to one’s DNA. To help balance the person’s Chakra’s and to release any congestion that may be holding their healing back. It is to release suffering in what ever manner it may be embedded. I have placed intent in this balm with the heavens and earth’s guidance. I have infused crystals to help balance ailments and chakra issues. I have added Essential oils to encourage healing for many ailments, hoping to touch as many as I could with Mother Mary’s guidance.

Heidromama balm is organically cultivated in a region of california, where some of the world’s most sought after cannabis is grown. The cool ocean breeze, with sunny days and starry nights allows the cannabis to be grown with the perfect earth elements and vibrations.

Heidromama balm is made with love and compassion for healing. It is placed under the stars and moon for a night to infuse the balm with celestial energy. Heidromama balm is then left under the sun and takes in the sun and winds for a day to infuse Heidromama balm with the elements of the world. This will bring natures healing into Heidromama balm. Heidromama balm is placed onto a bed of many crystals to infuse their healing energy into Heidromama balm.

USAGE – product can be applied as often as needed. APPLY to areas of concern as well as the bottoms of your feet.
INGREDIENTS – distilled water, cannabis, organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic beeswax..
thank you for recycling. Best kept refrigerated.

Heidromama balm can be made for custom orders.